October 17, 2022

Journey To America – Tariro, RN

As a practicing nurse in Zimbabwe, Tariro had been living out her dream of helping others. Her career had always fulfilled her on both a professional and personal level, but she couldn’t forget the urge she had ever since she was a young nurse; to practice medicine in the United States.  

Taking this next step was no easy feat. Tariro had lived in Zimbabwe her whole life and starting over in a foreign country was a daunting thought. Not only would she be leaving her family and friends, but acclimating to a new culture, lifestyle, and work environment would all be challenges she would need to overcome.

However, Tariro decided to partner with PassportUSA, a recruitment program that has over 15 years of experience in matching global healthcare workers with successful US careers. This program took over most of the logistics for Tariro, including filing her visa application, setting her up with a US hospital, and coordinating flights. With no cost to join, and no “hidden fees,” PassportUSA truly allowed Tariro to turn her dream into a reality.

Tariro was assigned a dedicated program associated, Hunter, who walked Tariro through every step of the process. Hunter was there for Tariro as PassportUSA’s in-house team of immigration attorneys secured her visa, and he continued to communicate updates with her as she prepared for her journey. 

Having a contact in the US, a person whose sole mission was to help Tariro through this process, was invaluable. However, Hunter wasn’t the only person who would be there for Tariro in this new world; her two adult children would also be making the journey with her. In fact, PassportUSA encourages healthcare professionals to bring their immediate family along as they start this new journey. While many agencies require a period of delay between the healthcare professional’s arrival and that of their family, PassportUSA allows families to arrive together.

The PassportUSA program is not only focused on recruiting global healthcare talent to the US, but they strive to ensure they’re fully equipped to succeed in their jobs. In addition to sponsoring Tariro’s visa and assisting with the travel logistics for her adult children, the program also covered the full cost of Tariro’s flight and set her up with their in-house travel agency to help her find living accommodations. Upon arrival, Tariro was also provided with a $2,000 housing advance and a $1,500 arrival advance to help offset some of the initial expenses.

On August 23rd, 2022, Tariro and her family arrived in Baltimore, Maryland to start her journey as a registered nurse in the US. Hunter was there at the airport, waiting for Tariro and her family. In Tariro’s words, Hunter was “so welcoming and so friendly” and she was “just over the moon” with excitement.

Hunter helped Tariro and her family get set up in their new apartment, while walking Tariro through paperwork and other logistics. In addition, Hunter would continue to check in on Tariro on a monthly basis, ensuring that she was adjusting well to the Baltimore area and thriving in her new life.

PassportUSA is more than just a recruitment program for global healthcare talent; it is a partner for those wishing to practice medicine in the United States. Typically, PassportUSA healthcare professionals will complete a 3-year contract with their initial facility, after which they have several options. They can either continue their employment with PassportUSA, work as a traveling nurse with one of PassportUSA’s sister divisions, continue working for the same facility, or pursue something new entirely. While the decision is completely up to the healthcare professional, PassportUSA will always be there for support and guidance.

As Tariro said, “Keep on dreaming. Because PassportUSA will be with you each and every step.”

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