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Health Carousel International is there every step of the way

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You've made it!

You have landed on American soil — congratulations! As you’ve learned through the application and visa process, finally getting to the United States requires patience and hard work. Now is the fun part: getting settled in your new community and getting to work at your designated healthcare organization.

Don’t worry about a thing — Health Carousel International (HCI) is here to support you every step of the way. Our offshore U.S. clinical readiness program gets you prepared for the nuances of our healthcare system and its careers. We have travel and housing specialists who gracefully handle all the logistics of your move to America. You will have access to a detailed itinerary for your trip, and a dedicated point person from our team will meet you at the airport upon your arrival.

Together Everyone Achieves More

No fewer than five dedicated teams work in tandem to ensure that your arrival and subsequent stay in America are successful and smooth. Those include:

The Quality Improvement Nursing (QIN) Team

Works to build U.S. clinical readiness while you are still offshore. This team coaches and mentors global healthcare professionals to U.S. practice success while on assignment.

International Program Associates

Gets you ready for visa filing, including all the required tests and documentation.

International Deployment Associates

Works with you once your visa is filed and keeps you apprised of your case status and all the specific requirements for U.S. practice.

International Arrival Team and Associates

Handles all travel and initial housing logistics and meets you near your assigned work location to help you prepare to start working.

International Employee Supervisors

Remains with you throughout your time on assignment to provide non-clinical support; they’re often lovingly referred to as life coaches.

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Our Training Support

Global healthcare professionals who are recruited by HCI receive extensive training throughout the process, and that doesn’t stop once you arrive. Once you begin at your assignment location, you’ll undergo a paid orientation period to get more acquainted with your new facility specific rules and expectations.

HCI constantly invests in the continued education of our nurses. We have a robust online learning management system and a team of internal nurse managers — nearly all who have decades of experience — to offer clinical support whenever it’s needed. The tools and resources that HCI provides its nurses are the envy of the industry.