Our Support Teams

When You Team Up With Health Carousel International, You Partner With the Best

A True Collaboration

When you join the PassportUSA program through Health Carousel International (HCI), you have the backing of our dynamic organization and exclusive access to our specialty teams that make the application process as smooth as possible.

We have developed first-class teams to assist you. HCI staffs an internal team of attorneys, travel and housing coordinators, and credentialing experts who handle all licensing, immigration, and relocation logistics.

The Teams

Recruitment Team

This group assesses a candidate’s qualifications and explains the program’s benefits, responsibilities, and general processes — all while ensuring that you and your family members understand all parts of the contract.

The Teams

International Program and Deployment Associates

After your contract is signed, an International Program Associate (IPA) will work with you every step of the way until visa filing. The IPAs are responsible for collecting documentation and making sure you are on track to pass any necessary exams, such as NCLEX or IELTS. They coordinate test-prep resources and any coaching in conjunction with an internal certified IELTS instructor.

Your International Deployment Associate (IDA) is a large part of the full cycle recruitment process at HCI. They are responsible for collecting applicable healthcare professional documents, filing state licensure and Visa applications. They also coordinate with the Account Managers to schedule client interviews and collaborate with the Travel & Housing Team to prepare the candidate for their transition to the USA.

The Teams

Quality Improvement Team

Before you arrive in America, our Quality Improvement Team administers a curriculum to get global healthcare professionals ready for U.S. placement and practice. This team makes your transition as easy as possible and represents a valuable asset for training and guidance throughout your whole assignment. This group is led by a team of experienced nurse leaders with more than 50 years of combined U.S. healthcare experience at award-winning healthcare organizations.

The Teams

Arrival, Travel, and Housing Specialists

This important team makes sure all travel arrangements, temporary housing, and U.S. transportation is set up flawlessly prior to your arrival in America. Specialists meet every candidate at the airport and spend time helping you get your U.S. household established, not to mention assistance in setting up bank accounts, driving lessons as needed, introductions to your worksite and teammates, and much more!

Learn more about U.S. arrival support with the PassportUSA program.

The Teams

International Employee Supervisors

Affectionately referred to as “life coaches” by many of our working healthcare professionals, these folks make sure that all of the day-to-day items such as time sheets and paid-time-off requests are maintained. International employee supervisors are available every hour of every day to help you with your adaptation to the U.S., provide tips on budgeting, secure employment for spouses, and even offer dating advice — not at all typical in our line of work and further proof that HCI is the industry leader when it comes to caring about your success in the USA.