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Why choose Health Carousel International?

Health Carousel International (HCI) has connected the best global healthcare talent with rewarding U.S. nursing careers for over 17 years. Your American Dream is our commitment, and we deliver what we promise. As a leading healthcare recruitment agency, who has successfully sponsored thousands of healthcare professionals and their families, we are more than up for the challenge. Whatever your version of the American dream might be, HCI is here to help make it a reality.

Earn $31+/Hour

We offer competitive pay based on the program you qualify for (plus incentives). For nurses, pay starts at a minimum of $31/hour and guaranteed full-time hours of at least 36 hours per week (approximately $58,000 USD annually and eligibility for annual, performance-based raises)

No Registration Fees

HCI does not and has never charged any fees to join the PassportUSA program

  • HCI pays most of the expenses on behalf of our foreign educated healthcare professionals
  • HCI offers many additional, financial incentives and bonuses for those who qualify
  • HCI provides company paid IELTS, NCLEX, and Visa Screen Certification fees.


  • Nurses can get reimbursements for qualified, out-of-pocket expenses incurred to date. HCI supports or reimburses the majority of our candidate’s expenses on their journey to the USA.
$15K Milestone Rewards Program

Earn up to $15,000 with HCI's Milestone Rewards Program!*

  • Have you already passed the NCLEX? Congratulations! You are eligible to receive a BONUS for completing your initial U.S. assignment PLUS you can earn an additional BONUS for passing the IELTS exam within 1 year of signing your PassportUSA program Agreement. Your total BONUS potential = $15,000!
  • Do you still need to pass the NCLEX? No worries! You are eligible to receive a BONUS for completing your initial U.S. assignment PLUS you can earn an additional BONUS for passing the NCLEX and IELTS exams within 18 months of signing your PassportUSA program Agreement. Your total BONUS potential = $15,000!

*For RNs only

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For

Together, let’s start planning for your first day in the USA. Register to begin fulfilling your American Dream.

Clinical Experience Not Required

Clinical Experience Is Not Required: For nurses who have passed the NCLEX.

Assured Premium Processing Offered

Assured Premium Processing is available for qualified nurses: Get a response from USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) on your visa petition in less than 14 days.

File Visa Petition without Active English Proficiency Exam

At HCI, we understand that some candidates may not have passed a qualifying English Proficiency Exam yet. That's not a problem. We'll handle the visa petition process for you through regular processing, ensuring you secure your priority date and your place in line.

Additionally, HCI offers an English language study program at no cost to candidates entering the PassportUSA program. This program is designed to provide comprehensive support for preparing and passing a qualifying English Proficiency Exam. Here's what it includes:

  • Monthly Coaching Calls: Our candidates receive regular coaching calls and can schedule additional calls with their associate for extra support.
  • Conversation Partners Program: Candidates have access to personalized language coaching, reading practice, and speaking practice as needed.
  • Dedicated Language Program Manager: Our certified IELTS Examiner, who also serves as the English Language Program Manager, offers additional coaching and remediation where necessary.

With HCI, you're not alone in your journey towards achieving the necessary English proficiency for your visa application. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Choose your Location Preferences

We care about your geo-location placement preferences: HCI has hundreds of prestigious healthcare facility clients located in all 50 US states and you get to provide input on where you would like to be.

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For

Together, let’s start planning for your first day in the USA. Register to begin fulfilling your American Dream.

Bring Your Family to the U.S.

HCI encourages our employees to bring their immediate family members with them to the USA when they deploy to start their assignment. We sponsor your visa petition at no additional cost and support your efforts in bringing your family to the USA.

  • While some agencies require a period of delay in arrival of the immediate family, HCI does not require any type of delay period. 
  • HCI's travel and housing team will assist with the logistics of the family’s arrival.
Dedicated Support Teams

All international healthcare professionals who begin their dream of immigrating to the United States will be assisted by no fewer than five dedicated teams at HCI. We are there every step of the way:

  • International Program Associates: Gets you ready for visa filing, including all the required tests and documentation.
  • International Deployment Associates: Works with you once your visa is filed and keeps you apprised of your case status and all the specific requirements for U.S. practice.
  • International Arrival Team and Associates: Handles all travel and initial housing logistics and meets you near your assigned work location to help you prepare to start working.
  • International Employee Supervisors: Remains with you throughout your time on assignment to provide non-clinical support; they’re often referred to as life coaches.
  • The Quality Improvement Nursing (QIN) Team: Works to build U.S. clinical readiness while you are still offshore. This team coaches and mentor’s global healthcare professionals to U.S. practice success while on assignment.
Arrival Bonuses & Support

U.S. Arrival Support:

HCI understands the complexity and resources it takes to relocate and resettle to the USA. We take great pride in the relocation and resettlement program we provide to our employees and their families.

  • Our travel and housing team acts as a travel agency. We plan for travel and arrival logistics—including housing, transportation, etc.  
  • HCI pays the cost of the employee’s airfare to the USA
  • HCI provides a customized, in-person arrival experience. A HCI representative meets the employee at the airport, assists them with luggage, and transitional housing in their new community in America.
  • HCI provides a $2,000 Housing Advance for transitional housing and Passport’s travel and housing team will provide support in securing long term housing options.
  • HCI provides a $1,500 Arrival Advance to help offset initial expenses in the USA. 
  • HCI provides information regarding how to access and utilize public transportation based on the public transportation service offerings in their community. 
  • HCI will provide access to third party vendors to assist in buying or renting a car in the USA.
  • HCI provides support by instructing how to obtain their US Driver’s license and even assists the with registering for driving lessons and/or completing their driver’s examination. 
  • HCI provides education on setting up the employees’s household for things such as purchasing household supplies and groceries.
  • HCI provides a free mobile phone and 30 days of paid service as well as access to a deeply discounted, corporate rate for service.
  • HCI representatives will show the healthcare facility where they will be working and facilitate a meet and greet onsite where possible. 
  • HCI will assist with opening a bank account in the USA.
  • HCI will provide guidance on how to obtain a US Social Security Number Card.
The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For

Together, let’s start planning for your first day in the USA. Register to begin fulfilling your American Dream.

U.S. Clinical Readiness

HCI offers a first-class transition to practice program to our healthcare professionals to ensure a successful change into their US RN career. We have a robust online learning management system and a team of internal nurse managers — nearly all who have decades of experience — to offer clinical support whenever it’s needed.

  • We provide an 8-12 week pre-departure transition to practice course to prepare our employees for their transition to practicing as a nurse in the USA. This includes intensive training which provides real life scenarios in a simulated, virtual setting to provide employees with a true to life, US based clinical environment. 
  • Post-Arrival Orientation and Precepting at their assignment location. HCI works with client healthcare facilities to develop clinical transition plans for the employee commencing assignment in the USA.
Career Opportunities for Life

Often considered the heroes of healthcare, nurses in America are one of the most admired, trusted, and respected professions in the country. The nursing profession in the USA offers endless opportunities for advancing education, career opportunities, and compensation. HCI and the whole Health Carousel organization can help you achieve your personal and career objectives whatever they may be and wherever they may take you. We offer many services to help you realize a lifetime of career satisfaction.

The Global Leader in Ethical International Healthcare Recruiting

Ethical Guidelines:

HCI is Joint Commission Certified, is a founding member of the American Associate of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR) and is also a member of the CGFNS Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices. We are dedicated to delivering on the highest standards of ethical conduct among all the organizations engaged in international recruitment. We also aim to constantly improve upon our high standards as a social enterprise that makes strategic investments in the global nursing community. We invest in nurse recognition, scholarship, and training programs to develop more nurses abroad than we recruit to America with our Light the Way Initiative.

Our Experience:

Our experience has made us experts in finding jobs at some of America’s finest healthcare facilities for our international nurses. Our commitment is to make your move easy. HCI is the largest employer of Foreign Educated Healthcare Professionals and the 9th largest Healthcare Staffing Company in the USA. Because of this, HCI has over 850 prestigious healthcare client facilities and can accommodate preferences regarding assignment locations. 

  • We have various settings and facility types.
  • Our client facilities include Magnet facilities and Joint Commission Certified Facilities.
  • HCI has clients in all 50 US States and continues to add to the list!

HCI has more than 17 years of experience in visa filings including over periods of visa retrogression and regulatory change.

The Joint Commission

Health Carousel International, a division of Health Carousel, has achieved the Gold Seal of Approval for healthcare staffing services certification from The Joint Commission under its Healthcare Staffing Services Certification Program.

Ethical Recruitment

Health Carousel International is a founding member of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR). This means we are dedicated to assurance of high standards of ethical conduct among all of the organizations engaged in international recruitment.

POEA Licensed

Health Carousel Philippines is POEA licensed in the Philippines ( POEA-230-LB-103018-R). As such we do not charge for our services and adhere to the legal and ethical standards set forth by this Philippines official agency.

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For

Together, let’s start planning for your first day in the USA. Register to begin fulfilling your American Dream.