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The Health Carousel International (HCI) Clinical Residency Program is an exclusive virtual residency program that prepares foreign-educated healthcare professionals to practice as a nurse in the USA.

What is the HCI Clinical Residency Program?

Our HCI Clinical Residency Program is an online program customized to support your individual strengths while pinpointing your specific growth areas to prepare you to practice as nurse in the USA.

Qualifications for the HCI Clinical Residency Program:

- Must be an RN
- Passed the NCLEX
- Must be willing to complete the HC Clinical Residency Program to prepare to work as a U.S. RN

Perfect Candidates for the HCI Clinical Residency Program:

- Not currently working as a nurse and/or has never worked as a nurse
- A recent nursing school graduate
- Have clinical experience gaps
- Currently working as a nurse or working in a specialization that is not marketable to our US clients (ie: dental, utilization review, BPO call center, plastic surgery, community health, etc.)

How Long Is The Program?

- 6 months offshore virtual learning (10-12hrs a month)
- 6 months onshore virtual learning in the USA after candidate has worked for 6 months at U.S. assignment location

Am I Required To Complete Both Offshore and Onshore Programs?

- Yes

What Specialty Does The Program Focus On?

- It is not specialty or unit focused. The content will focus mainly on core nursing 101, basic med-surg competencies, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning skills.

What Is The Cost To Join The Program?

- There are no fees to join this program or any PassportUSA program.

Will I receive Continuing Education Units (CEU's) Towards U.S. Licensure For Completing This Program?

- Yes

Since There Is Some Med-Surg Content In the Program, Does This Mean I Will Be Assigned In A Med-Surg Unit At My Healthcare Facility Assignment Location?

- It is likely nurses who complete this program will be assigned in Med-Surg units, however, there may be healthcare facility assignment locations who are interested in interviewing these nurses for other units/specialties.

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